What's worse then being hangry? Being hangry and finding nothing to eat!

 That's how 57Cals was born in 2014.  

As we had started changing our eating habits, we quickly noticed that there were no vegan options when we were stuck eating out… so we opened the first quick service vegan restaurant in Laval!


57Végane started in 2014 by opening the door of the first all vegan restaurant in Laval called 57Cals.

At that time, our menu included different types of falafel sandwiches and plates. Since the base of all our items was the falafel, and since each one of our regular falafel balls counted 57 calories, we thought it would be fun to name our restaurant 57Cals. 

Soon after, with the growing popularity of our concept and thanks to our chef’s creativity, our menu included many Mediterranean sandwiches and dishes that you would never imagine the vegan version of.

Three years into our journey, we decided to reach an even bigger clientele by distributing our products in grocery and health food stores around the Greater Montreal. We absolutely loved the feedback! We have since been developing our product line and have decided to enlarge our distribution division.

Since 57Cals was no longer representative of our concept, we have renamed our distribution division 57Végane.

Knowing that our customers are too busy to cook sometimes, we strive to relieve them of their worries about lunch or dinner with our ready-to-eat vegan products.

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